The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles


Les Chroniques Martiennes


“A little attention,” said the captain, red-eyed and tired. “We’re from Earth, we have a rocket, there are four of us, crew and captain, we’re exhausted, we’re hungry, we’d like a place to sleep. We’d like someone to give us the key to the city or something like that, and we’d like somebody to shake our hands and say ‘Hooray’ and say ‘Congratulations, old man!’ That about sums it up.” (Ray Bradbury)

music:  Bruno Biel, Stéphane Chalumeau, Jérôme Kornicki and Eric Sterenfeld (collectif Strangelucide) / directed by: Kate France / video : Anya Tikhomirova / performed by:  Georges Edmont and Marc Mérigot

performed in Décember 2004 at the Maison Pop, Montreuil, and in April 2005 at Confluences, Paris.

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