visible/invisible #4 : cine concert

« The story of an object is always a personal story, and often a love story »
François Vigouroux

This cine concert is the last event in a socially engaged project we have been leading since autumn 2022. During these months, we have met many different residents of Dunkirk, asking each one of them to bring a photograph or an object which was important to them, and to tell us its story. This has led to a series of exhibitions and readings.

The cine concert regroups some of these stories in a performance set to electro-acoustic music. The individual experiences intersect with amateur films set in Dunkirk, from the collection Archipop and the Centre de la Mémoire Urbaine d’Agglomération (Centre of regional urban memory), to create a portrait of a town and its inhabitants over the years.

Performed by : Sylvie Caron, Martine Depesker, Viviane Gehin, Odile Schapmann, Fabienne Verburght, Lilou Vergult, Claudine Galloo.
On video : Brigitte Arie, Luka Capron, Christine Carlier, Orlane Darras, Dominique Demazeux, Hugues Duquenoy, Anna Sara Koterba, Valérie Jacob, Pascal Machu, Pascal Pasquier, Jessica Waeles, Brigitte Willaert, Aida Zerroug.
Guitarists : Benoit Drapier, Laurent Maltry, Serge Riraine, Alain Westeel.
Partners : Maison de quartier Pasteur, FAM le relais des Moëres, SAA Teteghem, La BiB, Collège Guilleminot, Association Nous Aussi, Association les Littoerales.
A Ciel 56 project, with the Château Coquelle, Archipop, le Centre de la Mémoire Urbaine d’Agglomération and the cinema Studio 43.

photos des archives personnelles des participants, et photos des collections LEFOL, POULEYN, CCAD, PESCIALLO. © Archipop 2022