King Lear

Le Roi Lear (King Lear)

adapted from Shakespeare, directed by Sylvie Reteuna

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« I will do such things,— / What they are, yet I know not: but they shall be / The terrors of the earth. You think I’ll weep / No, I’ll not weep: / I have full cause of weeping; but this heart / Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws, / Or ere I’ll weep. O fool, I shall go mad! »

« This production was intimately linked with my experience with the compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche… (The company, based in Roubaix, in Northern France, is made up of 23 professional actors, all with some kind of mental disability.) I wanted to make a piece where the actors of the company worked alongside other “exterior” actors. It seemed to me that King Lear, with its themes of loss and exchanges of identity, of wandering, and of  and the fragile boundaries between reason and madness, could find powerful resonances in this context  »  Sylvie Reteuna

Directed by: Sylvie Reteuna / Adapted from Shakespeare by : Jean-Michel Rabeux and Sylvie Reteuna / Designed by:  : Pierre André Weitz / Music : Eric Sterenfeld et Kate France / Lighting designer : Jean-Claude Fonkenel / Technicians : Pierre-Yves Aplincourt, Jean-Marie Daleux and Jean-Claude Fonkenel / Administration : Mélanie Hanscotte (Filage) / performed by: Jennifer Barrois, Martial Bourlart, François Daujon, Thierry Dupont, Georges Edmont, Magdalena Matthieu, Marc Mérigot, Nathalie Savary

Coproduction: La Sibylle (production) / La compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche / le Théâtre d’Agora – scène nationale d’Evry et d’Essonne / Le Centre Culturel Théo Argence – ville de Saint-Priest / La Rose des Vents – scène nationale Lille Métropole / Equinoxe – scène nationale de Chateauroux / With financial support from DRAC Nord Pas-de-Calais/Ministère de la culture et de la Communication / la Région Nord Pas-de-Calais / Le roi Lear was assisted by ONDA and the collective TRANS for the Paris dates.

Created in March 2006, Garage, théâtre de l’Oiseau mouche à Roubaix / Tours 2006/2008: Théâtre d’Agora – scène nationale d’Evry et d’Essonne, au Théatre du Chaudron à Paris ( TRANS 2006), Comédie de Béthune, C.D.N. Nord Pas-de-Calais, Centre Culturel Théo Argence – ville de Saint-Priest, Equinoxe – scène nationale de Chateauroux, La Rose des Vents – scène nationale Lille Métropole, Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne, Centre Dramatique Nationale, Théâtre de Dôle, Scènes du Jura, Centre Culturel André Malraux Vandoeuvre les Nancy in the festival festival La tête ailleurs, Vivat, scène conventionnée théâtre et danse à Armentières.