about us

Ciel 56 was set up by Kate France and Eric Sterenfeld in 2013.

They first met in 1994, and  since then, while pursuing their respective paths as performer and musician, they have collaborated on over twenty projects, alone or with other artists.

Together or separately they have worked with Jean-Michel Rabeux, Sylvie Reteuna, Compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche, Mladen Materic, Métalovoice, Anna Nozière, Christophe Haleb, Olivier Renouf, Antoine Lemaire, Phoebe Dingwall, Cedric Bachorz, Pushy, Annamirl Von Der Plumje…

Over the years they have developed their own scenic language, interweaving music, text, video and performance.

They have worked with all sorts of people; professionals and amateurs, dancers and DJs, painters and musicians, children and older people, even animals…

Their projects reflect this diversity : a children’s show with mentally challenged actors, a performance/projection on Quantum physics, cine-concerts of classic films, a project with adolescents and grandparents,  music theatre pieces about memory or migration…

They see artistic creation as a collective process; pluridisciplinary, open to the world, rigourous and accessible.

With Ciel 56, they continue to develop and expand their practise, creating performances, cine-concerts, workshops, videos and community projects.