Le temps qu’il fait, le temps qui passe

Le temps qu’il fait, le temps qui passe

Installation for the festival “Récits sans Frontières”

photo © Kate France

A space where words become images and images become stories…

This project ran parallel to le temps qu’il fait recital/concert 

With the same notebooks as a  starting point, we created an installation in which the photos taken in the workshops led by Château Coquelle and  a reading of a year’s entries in the diary were put together. We decided to reconstitute a “loge de concierge” with a bed, shelves of knick knacks, a table with coffee cups… The photos were tucked all over the room, in the side of the mirror, in boxes on the table, and the sound of the diary ran continuously.

The installation also included the avant première of the film Weathertime, produced by Dover Arts Development for Culture Kent.

Weathertime brings together works by 30 selected artists from England, France and Belgium, who created a visual diary of the weather across the ‘maritory’ of the Straits of Dover last September.  Each artist produced a work of art in response to the weather on a particular day in September 2015.  These responses – made in a range of media from painting to print to text – have been woven together to make a fascinating 30-minute film, with a soundtrack from musicians Paul Cheneour, Francois Le Roux and Marjorie Van Halteren mixed by Marcus Bishop.” DAD

Coproduction : festival Récits sans Frontières organised by le Château Coquelle and supported by de la Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque

Exhibition from 15th January to au 5th March 2016, Château Coquelle, Dunkerque


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