Visible/invisible #3 : musical posters

The third part of the project was a series of 12 posters with QR codes, which were shown in the park surrounding the Château Coquelle, and on a water tower in the centre of Dunkirk. The exhibitions were put up with the help of the participants.

A pebble, a horse shoe, a little angel found in the trenches during WW1, a family wedding : each image or object has its own story. The stories were set to music and soundscapes composed by Eric Sterenfeld. By scanning the QR code, the audience could hear this story as they contemplated the image. 12 echo chambers.

Participants : Christine, Martine, Sylvie, Viviane, Stan, Lilou, Camille L., Pascal, Fabienne, Clementine, Hugues et Camille L.B.

Music : Eric Sterenfeld / Photos : Kate France

Thanks to the team of the Château Coquelle.