Cantique des Quantiques

Cantique des Quantiques

performance with video mapping


 “For this performance, it was important to combine the images, sound and performers in different ways, using chance and synchronisation, so that the result was a poetic evocation of the nucleus, the atom in scientific research. I chose the texts  because they seemed to me to evoke different imaginary worlds in reaction to Einstein’s incredible discovery, which changed how we read the world. Einstein’s  correspondance with Mileva Marić dates from just before the publication of his thesis in 1905, a time when he was still searching for his idea which was, as it happened, just around the corner. The choice of the poem by John Cage, composer and poet, is about the importance he accords to chance, the mirror of intuition and source of discovery. The text by Charles Pennequin, on the other hand, accentuates the place the atom, nuclear research and quantic physics have taken in our imagination and spirit.”  Eric Sterenfeld

Music: Eric Sterenfeld / Video mapping : Cedric Bachorz /  texts by John Cage, Albert Einstein,  Charles Pennequin, and excepts from a Cantique des Quantiques by Sven Ortoli and Jean-Pierre Pharabod / performers: Kate France and Emmanuel Rabita

Cantique des Quantiques was performed in Septembre 2012 at l’Espace culture de l’Université de Lille

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click to listen to mesostic age, with the voice of John Cage