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L'Appartement L'Appartement L'Appartement

« When we look at works of Art Brut in a gallery or a museum, we tend to forget that they represent at attempt by their creators to express a total vision, a vision which doesn’t differentiate between sound, language and image, an attempt to excape annihilation. So we have decided to put these paintings and texts together in one space, in order to explore the necessity which is the heart and the origin of these works, and to make this necessity resonate in the bodies of the actors and spectators.
Why an appartment? To create an intimate space, and a sense of privacy: these works were not made to be exhibited, and often were the fruit of years of loneliness and isolation.  Inside the appartment, we can get close to the works and the actors, hear noises from the neighbouring rooms, and glimpse  fleeting appearances  from the corner of an eye...
Between four worlds, a universe.
Maybe we shoudn’t be in the apartment at all, there is a sort of voyeurism hovering around the bed, the fridge, the breadcrumbs…  but that can’t stop us from being fascinated by this wild beauty.”

Bruno Decharme, Kate France, Sylvie Reteuna

Devised by: Bruno Decharme, Kate France, Sylvie Reteuna / With: François Daujon, Georges Edmont, Kate France, Valérie Szmiglieski, Valérie Vincent and the participation of Magdalena Matthieu and Marc Mérigot / Music and Sound Design : Éric Sterenfeld / Design Paul Fayard assisted by François Pinel and Emmanuel Rodrigès / Video : Kate France

Production: Rencontres de la Villette with abcd, la Cie de L’Oiseau-Mouche and la Cie La Sibylle / Production déléguée La Sibylle / Administration for La Sibylle Mélanie Hanscotte (Filage)

L’Appartement was performed 17th – 26th April 2008 in the 8th edition of les Rencontres de la Villette.