a film by Alexandre Medvedkine (1934)

cine-concert by Eric Sterenfeld



Cine-concert by Eric Sterenfeld (1h15)

Happiness tells the story,  of the moujik Khmyr, a poor clumsy peasant, persecuted by the powers of Old Russia , looking for happiness…

Happiness was the last silent film in Soviet cinema, a tragic-burlesque farce that Eisenstein compared to the films of Charlie Chaplin. : « I’ve just seen Medvedkine’s new comedy, Happiness, and, as they say, I can’t keep quiet. Because today I have seen how a Bolshevik laughs! (…) I have to say how much I admire what Medvedkine proposes: in his discourse, his intelligence,and his wonderfuful choice of moments… With Chaplin, the gag is individual, with Medvedkine it is socialist”

First shown in 2005 at the Magic Cinéma Bobigny / other showings include October 2013 at the Festival Solo de Kermarron, Douarnenez, with Kerfi Trouger (percussions), and February 2017 at the cinema l’Ecran, Saint Denis with Kate France.

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