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Mirror Cie Ciel56

Mirror Mirror / Are you really / An interval of time / Filled with holes?

Mirror is a show about reflections, echos and shadows.

Mirror is about masks and  representation, about children dressing up to put on shows – and adults doing the same thing.

Mirror is about time passing, about childhood, about memories and growing old.  And about forgetting…

A performer, a musician, a film screen, a slide show of family photos,  songs and stories, guitar solos, space travel, Roland Barthes, Plato, Lewis Carroll, interviews… all this weaves together to explore how we see ourselves “through a glass, darkly”. From Lacan’s “mirror phase” through to adulthood, our obsession with our own reflection follows us, up to the moment we no longer recognise ourselves…


Devised by Kate France and Eric Sterenfeld / Texts, video and performance : Kate France / Music : Eric Sterenfeld / Lighting : Jean-Claude Fonkenel / Construction : Dan Bevan / Costumes : Marion Egner

Produced by Ciel56. Production déléguée Le Bateau Feu, Scène Nationale de Dunkerque. Support from Comédie de Béthune, Centre Dramatique National Nord / Pas-de-Calais, and la Compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche. Thanks to MC93 Bobigny and the Maison des Métallos

Mirror was created in 2013 and is still available on tour in French or English.

Mirror was performed:  8th October 2013 to 11th November  2013, Comédie de Béthune in the programme Itinéraire Bis /  26th, 27th and 28th November 2013, Garage, Théâtre de la compagnie Oiseau-Mouche, Roubaix / 2nd to 7th December  2013 Dunkirk (Bateau Feu hors les murs) / 22nd to 26th July 2015 Gare au Théâtre, Paris Vitry, in the festival « Nous n’irons pas à Avignon. »

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