Le Labyrinthe

Le Labyrinthe

devised by Jean-Michel Rabeux et Sylvie Reteuna with la compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche

Labyrinthe : photo Bruno Decruydt

« A man in a bull’s mask roars and struggles in the night. The others build a maze around him with cardboard, wood and concrete blocks. Dressed in blood-red dresses, they are dream workers – nightmare workers. What prison are they building? The wobbly structure tries to confine the monster. The monster does not want to be confined. Who is roaring when this man with a bull’s head roars? Who are they trying to shut away, these men and women like you and me? They are trying to shut away what is different. What monster inside themselves are they trying to kill, to destroy in the night? »

Directed and designed by : Jean-Michel Rabeux and Sylvie Reteuna / Music : Kate France and Eric Sterenfeld / Costumes : Stéphane Lavergne and Marie-Claude Billault / Lighting designed : Jean-Claude Fonkenel / Mask : Francis Debeyre / Papier maché head : Marc Mérigot /  Technicians : Eric Blondeau and Pierre Yves Aplincourt / performed by : Nadia Bezzar, Lothar Bonin, Martial Bourlart, Aurélie Bressy, Florence Decoucelle, Yannick Derraine, Thierry Dupont, Hervé Lemeunier, David Mariette, Valérie Szmiglieski, Valérie vincent and Martine Warziniak.

Coproduction : La Compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche (production) / La Rose des Vents scène nationale de Lille Métropole

Created at La Rose des Vents, scène nationale de Lille Métropole May 2000.  Toured 2000-2003  to Gymnase à Roubaix,  La Verrière à Lille, Hambourg,  Vivat  Armentières, Festival Minos  Périgueux,  théâtre de l’Agora, scène nationale d’Evry et de l’Essonne, la Grande Halle de la Villette  (Rencontres Urbaines),  Garage, Théâtre de l’Oiseau Mouche  Roubaix, la Coupole, scène nationale de Senart, théâtre de Cahors,  Centre culturel Théo Argence de Saint Priest, Théâtre de Villefranche sur Saône, théâtre d’Albertville and to Switzerland.